Home Oxygen Generator Health Care Protection Oxygen Concentrator Oxygenation Making Machine
  • Home Oxygen Generator Health Care Protection Oxygen Concentrator Oxygenation Making Machine

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Home Oxygen Generator Health Care Protection Oxygen Concentrator Oxygenation Making Machine

Код товара:APM-MNJ-OG01

  • Цена : 28 577 руб./комплект (Срок поставки 18-25 дней)

  • Мин. заказ : 1 комплект

  • Вес брутто : 7.5кг

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Home Oxygen Generator Health Care Protection Oxygen Concentrator Oxygenation Making Machine

1. 1-7L/Min Portable Full Intelligent Home Oxygen Producer. Concentrations up to 90%, the flow can be adjusted from 1L to 7L. Excellent filtering performance.
2. Integrated Oxygen Generation and Atomization
3. Intelligent English Voice Broadcast, mute design more comfortable, less than 45 db.
4. Timing Function
5. 48 Hours Continuous Operation
6. Double Simultaneous Oxygen Inhalation
7. 8 Grade Filtration System for High Oxygen Purity
8. Portable and Lightweight
9. Double Simultaneous Oxygen Inhalation (2 people can use at the same time)
10. Add shockproof mat more secure. Bacteria filter O2 safer.
11. Small volume, convenient to carry. Timing function.

Package Included:
1 x Oxygen Concentrator
1 x 3M nasal Oxygen Tube (Including Water Storing Equipment)
1 x Power Cord (UK Plug)
1 x Air inlet Filter,
1 x Atomizer Set,
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual & Certificate
1 x Pair of Nasal oxygen tube

Several characteristics and requirements of oxygen generator:
1. The white circle at the bottom right of the back of the machine is an air filter. The service life of one is 1000 hours. The working hours are displayed on the panel. It is irreversible and non-zero. When the machine leaves the factory, there are 2 white circles. Has been working normally for more than 2,000 hours (the air quality standard in Hefei is 1,000 hours, the factory technician said).
2. When the oxygen generator is working, you must add pure water, not tap water, otherwise scale will be generated.
3. The machine can still work normally when it is dumped, even if it is rotated 90 degrees, it can also work normally. Of course, because the operation interface is directly above, it is generally better to work in a horizontal place.
4. The machine is equipped with ordinary disposable nasal oxygen tubes.
5. The power of the machine is 120 watts. If it is used in a car, it needs a DC-AC 12V to 220V inverter.
6. For high altitude areas, the nominal oxygen production cannot be obtained. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this oxygen generator at high altitudes.
7. There is a round hole on the back of the atomizing machine, and the oxygen tube is not the same.

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